Studio Of Open Digital Architecture

AbouT ⌘ SODA

Who We Are

SODA (Studio of Open Digital Architecture) is committed to assisting founders, startups and investors. We aim to solve real world problems through inventing new possibilities for digital products and services. Our startups' passion and drive includes a desire to use open technology to have  positive human impact.

What We Do

Our idea is that open positive businesses have advantages in the market and can outperform their more traditional peers. These types of businesses have sustainable positive impact. Their profits further their purpose, and their margins drive their mission. Our aim is to support founders, startups and investors who are committed to making a positive human impact by solving real world problems.

Our Space

SODA is based in Brisbane, Australia and currently serves founders, startups and investors in Australia and the United States. Our studio is housed in a modern Queensland house which accommodates up to five entrepreneurs in residence at any one time. The studio is a comfortable and productive coliving / coworking space for individuals and small teams.